Xbox Two Release Date

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The Xbox Two Release Date will be in November 15, 2020 (Updated Release Date) or sooner. The Xbox One X represents the first iterative console release within a single generation, but it's not a next generation console. .

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, everybody was expecting it, but when Phil Spencer took the stage at the end of E3 2016 and announced Xbox One X, we had some serious news on our hands. He promised "the most powerful console ever built." It's nice, but it's not the Xbox 2. Let's talk about when Microsoft will take that next step.

Xbox Two is Code-named Scarlett and It's Coming in 2020

At the end of the Microsoft press conference for E3 2018, Phil Spencer dropped the bomb that Microsoft is indeed hard at work on the next Xbox. Another rumor surface shortly thereafter, claiming that the Xbox 2 is code-named Scarlett and is a family of devices.

This rumor, first revealed by Thurrott, also claims that Scarlett will be releasing in 2020, which is right in line with our predictions.

While we're still uncertain what "family of devices" means, it could point towards a set of consoles like what we have now with Xbox One, the S, and the X. It could also leverage cloud streaming to offer a mobile element, since we know Microsoft is working on this technology to bring AAA titles to all manner of connected devices.

Is Xbox One X The Xbox 2?

Normally, that wouldn't even be a question, but in a post PS4 Pro world, we have to wonder if it's truly a next generation console, or something iterative like the Pro, which Sony has explicitly stated is not the PS5.

Typically, we classify generational leaps as a jump in power that's significant when compared to the last console. That's why models like the Xbox One S don't count, because they're largely the same.

Now, Xbox One X is promising things like native 4K and hi-fidelity VR which is something you would normally expect from only the most powerful PC rigs.

Another major component of a "new generation" is usually a new format, and in many cases, the inability to play older titles (unless there's backwards compatibility). This is where things get murky with Xbox One X, because Microsoft is trying to break down the walls between generations as we know them.

XBox Release Date History
Original XBox Release Date November 15, 2001
Time Between 3 years, 5 months, 27 days
XBox 360 Release Date May 12, 2005
Time Between 8 years, 6 months and 10 days
XBox One Release Date November 22, 2013
Time Between 3 years, 11 months, 16 days
XBox One X Release Date
"Xbox One X"
November 7, 2017
(After PS4 Pro Before PS5)
Time Between 3 years, 8 days
XBox Two Release Date November 15, 2020

Microsoft's own Aaron Greenberg spoke with Engadget about Scorpio and they asked him if this was the final console generation.

To this, Greenberg said:

"I think it is. For us, we think the future is without console generations. We think that the ability to build a library, a community, to be able to iterate with the hardware--we're making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We're basically saying, 'This isn't a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works.' We think of this as a family of devices."

He went on to say that Microsoft is planning to learn from the reaction to Xbox One X and if it's a big success, they believe it will change the future of consoles as we know it. Of course, the ability to bring forward all of your games and accessories is something new for the industry.

Backwards compatibility is, at it's best, just the games. Even that has been hard to get with the past few generations, but Microsoft is promising that everything will go forward with you to Xbox One X. This new console doesn't have any exclusive titles, except for potential VR releases down the road.

That means even the new games will work on your older system. This makes gamers like me wonder how much better Xbox One X can be if the games are required to work on older systems too. Greenberg went on to say,

"I think the really important thing for people to understand is the nut we've tried to crack here is ensuring we hit hardware innovation at the same time we ensure compatibility. That term of an upgrade is gone. We are wiping out those generational boundaries. As a gamer, it's pretty cool. Because then I know the games I buy and play today and the controllers I use today are going to work on that machine of tomorrow. And that's the real major step-change."

Knowing this, it's hard to really say that Xbox One X really is Xbox Two, but with Microsoft's new approach to an "Xbox Family" Xbox One X stands as something new and different. In the end, Xbox One X is more of a test of the waters, and an extension of the current generation. It's not a true next generation console, and therefore can't be labeled Xbox Two.

A tweet on Phil Spencer's account shows that Microsoft is already thinking ahead, perhaps even past Xbox One X:

So, Xbox One X won't be the last we see of Microsoft, which means that the Xbox 2 is still coming. That focus on backwards and forwards compatibility is cool, but it holds back the potential of the console if games that come out have to work on the old and new systems.

It would be best if Xbox One games worked on Xbox One X, but new games were exclusive to the console. Even so, the X is exists in a space similar to the PS4 Pro, and isn't a truly next generation machine, despite its power.

The Xbox Family: What it Means For The Future

Microsoft is referring to their trio of consoles (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X) as the Xbox Family. They are driving home the concept that no gamer will be left behind. If you buy an Xbox game, you can play it on any of the console within that family, and the same goes for your controllers and accessories.

The benefit of course, is that playing games on Xbox One X, will allow you to play them in 4K and with potential graphical upgrades like we see on the PS4 Pro. Since Xbox One X is so powerful, though, we have to wonder how much of a difference we’ll be seeing.

A leaked document in January of 2017 revealed some of the console’s specs and how developers can take advantage of them. We did a little digging ourselves and discovered some interesting information from reputable sources like Digital Foundry.

We found that developers have the option to use the system’s power for things besides resolution. The examples they used were higher fidelity shadows, reflections, texture filtering, draw distances, and so on.

Furthermore, we discovered that Thomas Mahler who created Ori and the Blind Forest on Xbox One, has seen what Xbox One X has to offer and he describes it as a “full blown next-gen machine.” Despite this comment, Xbox One X is held back by its requirement to have games that are compatible on every version of the Xbox One.

So, Microsoft is making the games compatible across all the systems. That way you’re always a part of the family. What’s more interesting is the Play Anywhere program, which ropes PC gamers into the mix. Essentially, you can buy a game on Xbox, then play it on PC as well and transfer your saves.

How long and how large this “Xbox Family” will grow is an interesting point of discussion. Will Xbox 2 also have games that play on everything back down to Xbox One, or will the family get broken up then? We don't think it's just a possibility, we think it's inevitable.

How The Xbox Family Will Play Into Console Generations and Lead to Xbox 2

The concept of the Xbox One Family is unique, and it does offer Microsoft the ability to extend and iterate on a generation, but it's not future-proof. Eventually, that family will need to graduate to a new generation. Xbox One X offers Microsoft the chance to keep this generation for a few more years, but the Xbox Two will mark the beginning of a new family.

When we think of console generations, we usually think of them as single consoles. The original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. The problem with that structure, is that technology is moving too fast for one console to meet the needs of an entire generation.

Instead, an iterative approach makes more sense here. One generation, spread across multiple consoles that get incrementally more powerful as you move up the chain. This way, Microsoft can stay competitive in terms of power, but also keep multiple hardware releases within that same family.

This is the smartest way to move forward, but even Phil Spencer has to know that the path forward means leaving something behind at some point. Xbox One X will get its time in the limelight, but the next console from Microsoft will mark the beginning of a new and separate generation.

Another branch in the family tree if you will, called Xbox Two, that spawns its own consoles within the same generation, thus keeping things competitive while grouping multiple consoles into one generation.

It's clear that Microsoft is already considering something similar to this. Phil Spencer had gamers running wild when he suggested that we move everything over to a model similar to smartphones, but he had since made it clear that wasn't his intention.

Despite this, people were worried about the fate of an Xbox 2. During a podcast with IGN, Microsoft's Albert Penello offered us a small quote that tells us the Xbox 2 is still a possibility:

"I don't think we've ever said that console generations will go away because of this idea."

While they are most certainly focused on backwards compatibility, Albert made it clear that they have plans to move forward beyond this generation. In a perfect world, you'll still be able to play all of your old games on the Xbox 2, but there will eventually be a dividing line between the Xbox One and the Xbox Two.

VR on Xbox: All The Options

Another thing we know about Xbox One X, is that it will have support for VR. These titles will be exclusive to the platform, since Xbox One won’t be getting a VR solution. The question that’s on our minds, is who will be manufacturing the headset?

On the one hand, Oculus Rift seemed like a solid choice, but then Microsoft announced its own line of Windows 10 VR headsets in late 2016.

What we do know, is that the headsets are being made by different manufacturers and will start at $300 for the base model. The entire line of headsets also supports inside-out tracking sensors which removes the need for a camera or external sensor.

These are different than the HoloLens, which is an augmented reality headset. For the time being, it’s assumed that these headsets will still be wired in nature. Current partners listed were HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, so it stands to reason that one of these manufacturers are working on a variation of their Windows 10 headset for Xbox One X.

Some of these manufacturers are already working on headsets. Acer is working with Starbreeze to create the high-end line of StarVR headsets. Asus has a leather strapped headset, and AntVR is partnering with Lenovo for mobile VR setups.

Regardless, Microsoft is promising “hi-fidelity” VR that is supposed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation VR solution. VR will come after the console’s release in holiday 2017.

Virtual reality and, by extension, augmented reality, are a growing industry. So far, the technology has been well-received and PlayStation's VR solution is no slouch either. While we've been promised VR on Xbox One X, by the time the console receives virtual reality, it may be outdated.

Let's say that Xbox One X does get the Oculus Rift, or something equivalent. This is a first generation VR headset. It works great, but it's the first step. It also requires a lot of power to work properly. Xbox One X has this power, but when the next wave of VR headsets comes, will the "most powerful console" have enough horsepower to meet the needs of a future VR solution?

What about the HoloLens? Could it even work on an Xbox One X? The answer to both these questions is a shaky "maybe." Xbox One X will indeed get VR, but next generation VR will be reserved for an even more powerful console: The Xbox 2.

The next wave of headsets will have increased resolution, wireless capability, and technologies like eye tracking to make the experience even more convincing. Depending on how VR does on the Xbox One X, we could see a launch of the Xbox Two with a VR headset that is specific to the platform and matches the new headsets of that era.

We already know that the VR titles for Xbox One X will be exclusive to the platform and not compatible with Xbox One, which is to be expected. These will be the first games to stand outside the Xbox Family, and they will set the precedent for the future of VR on the Xbox 2 when it releases. .

Predicting the Xbox 2 Price
Microsoft is in the midst of a transition between the past and the future. While the Xbox One had some misfires, Xbox One X is looking to come out of the gate swinging with it's high-end specs, VR support, and native 4K. The Xbox One X ismore than Xbox One S, and priced at $499.

What does this mean for the inevitable next generation console in the future? One thing is certain, gamers will speculate, and we will be right there with them. Join us as we explore the Xbox Two Price!

The Xbox One

Xbox One release dateXbox One is well into its lifespan, and now gamers can choose between Xbox One S and Xbox One X as well. Things have been good for the console, but we’ve had some downturns, such as the cancellation of Scalebound which was looking to be a solid exclusive from Platinum Games.

With the aforementioned “Xbox Family” in place, the lifespan of the Xbox One is an interesting concept. Since gamers will be able to play their games on both Xbox One X and Xbox One (or the S), it lends a longer lifespan to the console.

Despite Microsoft promising not to leave anyone behind, at some point in the future, they’ll need to trim the family. I imagine this will happen with Xbox Two or if they really stretch it, the console after that.

We kind of assumed Xbox One would last ten years, but this new revelation that games will go forward and backward could make it last even longer, but not by much I imagine. Xbox One X released in 2017, and I would bet that Xbox One won’t make it much past the ten year mark which would be 2023.

At the pace of technological development, it will just become too obsolete by then to warrant games being backwards compatible. It will be dead weight for the Xbox Two.

The Xbox 360

xbox 360 release dateIf we call the lifespan of the Xbox five years, then the Xbox 360 will have doubled that of its predecessor by the time it is finally phased out. Although the 360 had a relatively shaky start as consoles go with the red ring of death a constant thorn in the side of gamers, and losses reported in the initial months of trading, the success of this beloved console soon picked up.

The Xbox 360 made it an admirable ten years from 2005 to 2016.

The Xbox

xbox release dateSome young gamers today will have been born after the debut of Microsoft’s very first entry into the world of the games console. The Xbox was launched in November of 2001, and was in direct competition with the PlayStation 2 from Sony, along with other now-retro consoles - the Dreamcast from Sega and the GameCube from Nintendo. Despite the Xbox’s successes, notably adding an Ethernet port to allow easy online gaming, the Xbox was swiftly discontinued after the launch of its successor in November, 2005. Support for the original Xbox continued until 2009, however no new games were released for it after Madden NFL 09 in August, 2008.

Latest News

Xbox 2 Confirmed at E3 2018

Phil Spencer shocked everyone at Microsoft's E3 2018 press briefing when he announced that Microsoft is already hard at work on the next Xbox He didn't offer any major details, but a rumor surfaced shortly after the conference suggesting that the next Xbox is coming in 2020 and it's a "family of devices" code-named "Scarlett."

Check out our full article for a look at the big announcement!

Don't Trust Those New 2019 Xbox 2 Rumors

A new rumor has been making the rounds about Xbox 2 coming in 2019. Without much evidence, this rumor picked up some steam and even found itself the subject of some major articles. If we did deeper, it's clear this rumor is not true, and it reminds us why we should always be wary of rumors that don't have evidence to support them. Find out why we think this rumor is false in our full article!

Ubisoft's CEO Believes Xbox 2 is at Least 2 Years Away

While the Xbox One X released in November 2017, it's hard to imagine that we would see the Xbox 2 any time soon, but Ubisoft's CEO seems to think it could be here in two years. On an investor call, Yves Guillemot said they believe that the Xbox 2 is at least 2 years away. The opinion of a major publisher like this is a major one, so it could mean the Xbox One X is only going to be relevant for a few years before it's replaced by a new system.

Xbox One X announced at E3 2017

We now have a name for Project Scorpio, and it's the Xbox One X! It's coming out November 7th, 2017 at $499. As expected, it's not a next generation console, but a super-powered version of the Xbox One. While it will certainly extend the current generation, the Xbox 2 is still coming.

Find out everything Microsoft announced at E3 2018 in our full article!

Xbox One X Specs Leak!

A whitepaper meant for developers was leaked, and the people at Digital Foundry broke it down. We dove in to see what all the fuss was about and we discovered some interesting information about Xbox One X. We also scoured the forums and discovered that an Xbox developer has spoken out about the leaked specs and his opinion is quite interesting! Find out more in the full article!

Xbox One X Promises "True 4K and Hi-Fidelity VR"

The official landing page for Xbox One X/Xbox Two has been updated to show a few promises. Namely, they are "True 4K" and "Hi-Fidelity VR." What does Microsoft mean by these terms. More importantly, how will they integrate these promises into the price and structure of a console? We take apart this news and examine it in our full article!

Phil Spencer Says "Don't Worry" About Xbox Two's Price

Phil Spencer doesn't want people worrying about how much the Xbox Two will cost. He's confident people won't be shocked by the price point, but he's also reminding people that this is a "premium" console. What's his reasoning behind this advice? Find out in our full article!

Xbox One X Announced

At E3 2016, Phil Spencer announced a new console coming from Microsoft. It has a release date of holiday 2017 and it is promised to be "the most powerful console ever made." Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a release date and it is November 7th, 2017.

Find out more by clicking the link above and checking out the full article!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the very latest when it comes to the release date of the Xbox Two so check back frequently to discover any new snippets of information on the rumor mill.

Xbox Two Confirmed

This is huge for us here at Xbox Two Gamers. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox Division, spilled the beans that Microsoft is indeed planning on doing another console after the Xbox One. Did he call it the Xbox 2? Find out in the full article!

Why Xbox 2 Needs to Happen Sooner than Later

The environment of the industry is showing signs of massive acceleration. The Xbox One will be out of date before we know it. In this article we take a look at the major factors that suggest the Xbox Two should be here sooner rather than later.

Microsoft Lays Off 60 Members of the HoloLens Team

This is rough news for everyone involves. After deciding that they wanted to "switch focus" Microsoft laid off the entirety of its HoloLens team in Israel. Not only is that harsh, but it raises questions about the HoloLens and whether its future is in jeopardy.

Former Xbox Boss Talks Xbox Two

Robbie Bach, the previous chief of the Xbox division, spoke with GeekWire and made some pretty exciting comments about the Xbox Two and other emerging technologies. You'll want to read this one.

GeekWire's Podcast With Robbie Bach

This is the source for the Robbie Bach article. If you're curious about what else he said during the podcast, check out this link for the full details.

Will Microsoft Buy AMD?

AMD is the manufacturer of the chipsets that power the Xbox One and the PS4. If Microsoft were to buy out the company, they would have a huge edge over the competition. Sony would literally have to pay Microsoft just to make their consoles. Find out if these rumors have any truth to them in the full article!

What The HoloLens Means For Xbox 2

The HoloLens is Microsoft's new augmented reality headset. While it hasn't been released yet, it joins several other headsets in the virtual reality field which could point towards a future where this type of gear is used consistently across the new consoles. Find out what the HoloLens means for Xbox 2!

Let The Games Begin!

We're in a weird spot as gamers. The Xbox One X threw a wrench in our normal generational leaps, but is it a bad thing? While it may delay the release of the Xbox 2, but it could give Microsoft some extra time to come up with a massive generational leap. The Xbox Family is a great concept, if only for the reason that it shows the best example of backwards compatibility we've seen this generation.

When do you think the Xbox 2 is coming out? Let us know in the comments!

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great offer

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PS5 and Xbox 2

they are more likely to be released in 2017-2018, because the NX is going on sale in 2016. The xbox 1 is not doing well so it is likely for an early 9th gen. and playstation will follow as all hardware this gen is outdated.

Xbox vs PS

I have both the Xbox one and ps4 but the Xbox one is trash

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Well i guess new consoles will release before 2020. Because the current gen is not powerfull enough.

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If I were planing on bringing out a new games console I would start working on it and try to make it as good as possible and look out for the PS5 then after the PS5 has been released I would tweak the Xbox 2 to make sure it is by far better in Graphics Speed and More Memory and rerelease all the games but more improved graphics smoother game play and still bring out new games. The more realistic looking the characters and seines' are the better and more enjoyable a game would be. The only thing I would not do is release violent games.

Too many small minded people in the comment section

Phil Spencer just said he wants new hardware to come out more frequently which is good cause my xbox one cant even handle 1080p 60FPS while my PC can do 4K 60FPS with no problem which is probably the reason why you dont even see any VR announcements from Microsoft, personally I would have to consider the price and which exclusive vr games are coming out for playstation vr before I get one because it will not look as good as PC VR, and guess what in about 2-3 years from now people will be mad because the ps5 and xbox two will not be able to play 8K, so it would be smart for microsoft and sony to hurry and release a much more powerful console to handle 4K, VR and even 4K VR.

Release date wrong

Xbox 360 was released Nov 22 2005. This can be confirmed by doing a factory reset the date appears as 22 Nov 2005. Furthermore google agrees with me.

Fully Expect?

I'm not sure how you get a 100% confirmation from, "I fully expect..." That statement alone does not validate that another Xbox is coming out. I can expect to win Powerball and eighty million dollars, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen.

release date

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Xbox 2 release date

Xbox 2 release date will be announced at E3, I don't have proof. But just you watch..

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I want there to be infinite space for use to play all of the games we want and there to be free Xbox live and it for it to cost roughly 600$ with 2-3 game bundle I don't think it should be to expensive,I know the technology is gonna be changing and people are gonna have to start excepting that and I hope that the future has a lot in store for gaming consoles and what not but all I know is that I look forward to the future and what it has to offer

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cant wait.... also its not xbox 2 its xbox s

I stopped reading when...

Microsoft intends to blur the line between Xbox and Windows 10?

Go ahead Microsoft. Shoot yourselves in the mouth. You idiot micro serfs can't get platform consolidation out of your cultural ethos. Except that has failed you *every single time*.

Diversify your platforms and stop pretending it's 1996 and you're kicking ass.


This is good news to me since I want the Xbox one s. This means even though the Scorpio is coming out they won't stop making the one games, and I won't get screwed again like I did when they discontinued the 360 games.

Xbox Scorpio is NOT the Xbox

Xbox Scorpio is NOT the Xbox 2. It's just an upgraded version of the Xbox One.

It has been confirmed that

It has been confirmed that Xbox Scorpio is part of the Xbox One family. Don't believe me, go to YouTube and look up IGN Happy Hour Phil Spencer Special. They clearly stated that it's part of the Xbox One family. So whoever edited this page saying that Scorpio is the Xbox Two is clearly mistaken.

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PC gaming will always be better than consoles. Always.


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Xbox 2

OK i have a question.. keep in mind I play games on Xbox 360 every so often but not a hard core gamer. So anyone answering please don't jump down my throat over this question..
With the Xbox 2 will Xbox 360 games be able to be played or am I looking at having to rebuild my game Library? I know xbox one has the backwards compatibility,but will the new Xbox support my "outdated games?"

Xbox 2

I will not be supporting this console or any Microsoft thing again. I just find that the company lacks vision or plans for the future. They move in any direction they want to go on a whim. They may say the xbox 2 can do these things today, but will they tomorrow.

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Do we even know whats gonna really matter during 2020 aside from video games being that i love all video games and have no anti feelings for any systems i think thier all cool but anyways really what do you think will really matter when 2020 comes around? The world itself needs an update alot more then these game systems do. kinda funny when you think about it. We are the video game think about that for a sec.


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