Xbox 2 Release Date - Project Scorpio

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The XBox 2 Release Date will be in November of 2017 (Updated Project Scorpio Release Date) or sooner. If you are busy planning how to scrape together the money that you need for the Xbox One, then discovering the release date for the next generation’s next generation of games console may not be the top of your priority list.

XBox Release Date History
Original XBox Release Date November 15, 2001
Time Between 3 years, 5 months, 27 days
XBox 360 Release Date May 12, 2005
Time Between 8 years, 6 months and 10 days
XBox One Release Date November 22, 2013
Time Between 3 years, 11 months and 24 days
XBox 2 Release Date
"Project Scorpio"
November 15, 2017
(To beat the PS5)
Worst Case Estimate: June 1, of 2022

At E3 2016, Phil Spencer announced a new console from Microsoft, one that he promised would be the "most powerful console ever made." He called it Project Scorpio, but we believe it is actually the Xbox 2 in disguise. It seems that when Phil Spencer, the Chief Executive of Microsoft's Xbox Division, made the following bold statement about the future of the Xbox 2, he was hinting at Project Scorpio:

"I fully expect that you'll see another console from us..."

Interested? Be sure to check out the full article, Xbox 2 confirmed! This little but powerful phrase though, coming from the boss of Xbox, means a lot.

Project Scorpio & Xbox 2: One and the Same?

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, everybody was expecting it, but when Phil Spencer took the stage at the end of E3 2016 and announced Project Scorpio (Xbox 2), we had some serious news on our hands. He promised "the most powerful console every built." It's coming in holiday 2017, and the biggest question on everyone's mind is this:

Is this really the Xbox 2?

Normally, that wouldn't even be a question, but in a post PS4 Pro world, we have to wonder if it's truly a next generation console, or something iterative like the Pro, which Sony has explicitly stated is not the PS5.

Typically, we classify generational leaps as a jump in power that's significant when compared to the last console. That's why models like the Xbox One S don't count, because they're largely the same.

Now, Project Scorpio is promising things like native 4K and hi-fidelity VR which is something you would normally expect from only the most powerful PC rigs.

Another major component of a "new generation" is usually a new format, and in many cases, the inability to play older titles (unless there's backwards compatibility). This is where things get murky with Project Scorpio, because Microsoft is trying to break down the walls between generations as we know them.

Microsoft's own Aaron Greenberg spoke with Engadget about Scorpio and they asked him if this was the final console generation.

To this, Greenberg said, "I think it is. For us, we think the future is without console generations. We think that the ability to build a library, a community, to be able to iterate with the hardware--we're making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We're basically saying, 'This isn't a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works.' We think of this as a family of devices."

He went on to say that Microsoft is planning to learn from the reaction to Project Scorpio and if it's a big success, they believe it will change the future of consoles as we know it. Of course, the ability to bring forward all of your games and accessories is something new for the industry.

Backwards compatibility is, at it's best, just the games. Even that has been hard to get with the past few generations, but Microsoft is promising that everything will go forward with you to Scorpio/Xbox 2. Furthermore, Scorpio isn't planning on having any exclusive games ,except for VR titles.

That means even the new games will work on your older system. This makes gamers like me wonder how much better Scorpio can be if the games are required to work on older systems too. Greenberg went on to say,

"I think the really important thing for people to understand is the nut we've tried to crack here is ensuring we hit hardware innovation at the same time we ensure compatibility. That term of an upgrade is gone. We are wiping out those generational boundaries. As a gamer, it's pretty cool. Because then I know the games I buy and play today and the controllers I use today are going to work on that machine of tomorrow. And that's the real major step-change."

Knowing this, it's hard to really say that Project Scorpio really is Xbox Two, but with Microsoft's new approach to an "Xbox Family" Scorpio stands as something new and different. In that regard, it is the Xbox 2, because it represents the next major step forward for the industry.

Graphics, power, and VR are all next-gen buzzwords, but the real reason why Project Scorpio is the same as Xbox 2, is the way it shatters our expectations surrounding backwards and forwards compatibility. So, if this is Xbox Two, then what are Microsoft's plans for the future? More consoles like this one?

A tweet from August 2016 on Phil Spencer's account shows that Microsoft is already thinking ahead:

So, Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 won't be the last we see of Microsoft, but it will be the first step into a bold new future where everything you buy and play goes with you as you move up in the models.

Predicting the Xbox 2 Price

Microsoft is in the midst of a transition between the past and the future. While the Xbox One had some misfires, Project Scorpio/Xbox Two is looking to come out of the gate swinging with it's high-end specs, VR support, and native 4K. Phil Spencer hasn't said much on the price, but what he has said assures us that it will be more than Xbox One S, and priced as a "premium console."

One thing is certain, gamers will speculate, and we will be right there with them. Join us as we explore the Xbox Two Price!

The Xbox One

Xbox One release dateReports on the lifespan of the Xbox One have yet to be released by Microsoft. Will the trend of doubling continue making the One a twenty year console? Maybe an additional five years will be added – five years from Xbox to Xbox 360 – ten from Xbox 360 to Xbox One – fifteen from Xbox One to Xbox Two?

We doubt that the wait will be so long.

Technology these days is an ever-changing animal. We have more processing power in our pockets now than early PCs boasted. Research is continually progressing to give us faster machines, more immersive experiences and improved methods of communication. This will inevitably be reflected in the progression of the console gaming industry with updates to the technology. Given the size of the investment required in bringing a console to the marketplace we wouldn’t expect to see the Xbox Two this side of the decade, but 2017 would be a good year for a future release, and that's exactly when Project Scorpio is supposed to be released.

If Project Scorpio is confirmed to be Xbox 2, then it would release four years after the Xbox One. Microsoft has said that the new console will continue to play Xbox One games, but it's highly unlikely that Scorpio games will go back to the older system. It's worth noting that this four year span is the same as the one from Xbox to Xbox 360.

One consideration that could determine the lifespan of the Xbox One is linked to its cloud computing capability. This allows the game to be run on a server that you can't see somewhere underground in a top secret base. Well, maybe not top secret, but the majority (if not all) of the game's hardware requirements can be fulfilled by these remote servers. Everything they do is then streamed to you from the cloud, meaning that your box doesn't need to be upgraded.

This of course requires an internet connection that never drops or cuts out, otherwise the game experience is ruined. Microsoft tried to push this by making the Xbox One an always online console, and it created a massive backlash. It was a perfect case of the best intentions going wrong. People weren't ready for that, mostly because of the restrictions that came with it. Would it have made for better games? Perhaps, but Microsoft tried to reinvent the wheel and it wasn't time.

The Xbox One came to us in a very different form than the one originally shown to the public. Since the release, the Xbox One has received numerous updates to add additional features. Some of these updates include support for external hard drives, additional media file supports types, an overhauled party chat, and built-in game DVR support. The way the Xbox One is designed, it can be updated and modified all through downloaded updates more so than every before.

The Xbox 360

xbox 360 release dateIf we call the lifespan of the Xbox five years, then the Xbox 360 will have doubled that of its predecessor by the time it is finally phased out. Although the 360 had a relatively shaky start as consoles go with the red ring of death a constant thorn in the side of gamers, and losses reported in the initial months of trading, the success of this beloved console soon picked up. Early reports from the Microsoft team that this would be a ten year console have proven reliable, as support has been promised for this console until 2016. This means there will be a lengthy overlap while gamers can enjoy both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, something those without the initial capital needed to make the purchase of the One, or those wanting to see if there are any kinks to be ironed out before purchasing will be thankful for.

The Xbox

xbox release dateSome young gamers today will have been born after the debut of Microsoft’s very first entry into the world of the games console. The Xbox was launched in November of 2001, and was in direct competition with the PlayStation 2 from Sony, along with other now-retro consoles - the Dreamcast from Sega and the GameCube from Nintendo. Despite the Xbox’s successes, notably adding an Ethernet port to allow easy online gaming, the Xbox was swiftly discontinued after the launch of its successor in November, 2005. Support for the original Xbox continued until 2009, however no new games were released for it after Madden NFL 09 in August, 2008.

What Does Windows 10 Integration Mean for the Xbox 2's Release Date?

One of the things we've been discussing a lot on the site is what form the Xbox Two will take. Will it be a cloud-based console, or will it be a box you plug into your television like we're used to? While this question has yet to be answered in full, it seems Phil Spencer's current goal is to break down the barriers between Xbox and PC. How is he planning to do this? A little operating system called Windows 10.

Now, we've discussed what Windows 10 could do for Xbox 2 in terms of technology and features, but what about the release date. Does it hasten the arrival or delay it? Honestly, I think it's the groundwork for Microsoft to really start moving full-steam ahead on the new console. More than that though, I believe it is going to help Microsoft create the cloud-based console they dreamed of with Xbox One, only this time, you won't have to buy anything.

Go ahead, pick up the pieces of your blown mind, and don't worry, I have evidence to support my claims. Polygon published an article entitled "Phil Spencer is Obliterating The Distinction Between Xbox and PC, and He's Just Getting Started." It's a great read, but the underlying message, combined with a quote from Spencer himself is what got the gears turning in my head.

In the article's intro it says "Microsoft no longer sees a distinction between gaming on Xbox One and Windows PC. And it doesn't want you to see one either." That's our first clue. PC and console have always been at odds with one another, but Windows 10 is the olive branch that could finally merge the two. Moving away from that for second, Phil was quoted saying something that points towards a more digital future:

"I think when we look back on Xbox five years from now or so, I think Windows itself will be a critical component to the success I think we can realize of Xbox itself, and gaming will be a critical component to the success of Windows. I really believe that. When we say 'putting gamers at the center,' that's different than putting a piece of plastic or a specific device at the center."

Spencer describes this evolution as a transformation of Xbox One under his tutelage and a new focus on gaming for Windows. This marriage of PC and Console is the first step towards a totally new type of console, one that has no box. Some would describe it as a service or an app instead of a console, but let's not name names until we get to the meat of what this could mean.

Notice how Spencer says that it's different than putting a piece of plastic or device at the center of their new gaming focus. Yeah, I know, I'm reading into it, but we already know that Microsoft wants a cloud-based console. After all, they tried to do it with Xbox One.

The biggest reason people get angry about a new console is the concept of spending more money on the machine. What if there was no machine? What if Microsoft turns the Xbox One into a streaming device using Windows 10? We wouldn't have to worry about upgrading hardware (which would satisfy the PC crowd) because we would stream games through the console. The servers doing the streaming would handle the graphics and processing for you.

So what, Microsoft is just going to put Windows 10 on your Xbox and call it an Xbox Two? Sort of, you see Microsoft has already described Windows 10 as a service, which means there won't be a Windows 11. Ever.

Instead Microsoft plans to constantly update the operating system in the background. It will continue to change and evolve as you use it. You'll never have to buy an upgrade for it as long as you own it. This is the alternative to working on a new system for three years and releasing new ones for people to buy. Microsoft will instead make money from app purchases, music downloads, rentals, and the like.

So if Microsoft plans on blurring the lines between PC and console, while also switching their main product to a service instead of a release schedule, wouldn't it make sense to draw the line from this to the Xbox 2? Instead of making a new console, they may just put Windows 10 on the Xbox, turn it into a streaming device, and call it Xbox Two. They could start with something like this and provide updates while making their money from games and subscriptions instead.

I have more evidence, for your consideration. In an interview with Polygon in March 2016, Phil Spencer reiterated what he said on stage at the 2016 Xbox Spring Showcase. Now he's talking about giving the Xbox One hardware upgrades during its cycle. This is all part of his vision for a "Universal Windows Platform."

Phil spoke about the constant evolution of things like smartphones and PCs, and he wants the console to join that evolution by offering hardware upgrades instead of a new console every so many years. Apparently he's as tired as everyone else with consoles being outpaced by technology.

This, of course, also suggests that there won't be anymore console releases. There is plenty of skepticism around this happening with Xbox One, but I could easily see this being possibility with Xbox 2. The Xbox One was built as a console, but a new box with this PC mindset could be designed from the ground up like a Steam Box that is living room friendly, but also easy to open up and clean or replace parts.

At E3 2016, Microsoft's announcement of their "Play Anywhere" initiative showed that they are going to offer cross-buy capability on many of their titles. You buy it once and you can play on both Windows 10 and Xbox One or Project Scorpio (Xbox 2). This falls into line with their future plans to integrate the two platforms.

It seems, for now at least, that Project Scorpio will be a box, a powerful box, but still a box. We don't know what kind of cloud computing capability it will have just yet, so it's possible that it could bring forth the always-online future that Microsoft wanted in the first place.

All we know is that Project Scorpio looks a lot like Xbox 2, in fact, we believe they are one and the same.

The Ultimate Factor: Innovation Vs Technology

Each time a new console generation is released, the so-called "console wars" begin. Each console strives to beat out the other in terms of overall sales. There are a huge number of factors that decide who will win in terms of sales. Part of it is the marketing, part of it is the quality of the games, but a huge chunk is attributed to the innovation that the consoles shows.

What makes this new product different? What makes it stand out? Are the graphics better, is the controller redesigned? These types of things will catch the eyes of gamers and secure those sales that each company wants so badly. As we've discussed before, Microsoft overstepped their bounds when they tried to push an always online version of the Xbox One. That was an instance where the innovation they had was too much for the current technology to handle.

When this disconnect happens, that's when new consoles are developed. Developers want to realize a vision, and the current hardware doesn't support it, so they need something better. Of course, there needs to be a general consensus on this subject, otherwise the current console will just have to suffice.

The Xbox One released as a pared down version of Microsoft's original vision. In 2015, the console is far behind the PS4 in overall sales. At the GeekWire 2015 summit, the current Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer was asked if he thought Xbox One could beat PS4. He replied with a simple and honest answer: "I don't know. They have a huge lead and a great product."

You may be thinking that Microsoft should just try again with Xbox Two, but Phil Spencer isn't keen on giving up just because they are lagging behind in the numbers. Spencer continued speaking, in front of a huge audience mind you, saying that he is seeking to regain the team's trust and motivation. Ultimately, he said, his goal isn't about selling more units than Sony.

Instead, he said "We're not motivated by beating Sony, we're motivated by gaining as many customers as we can. I have to earn every customer. My biggest competitor is apathy."

While the Xbox One is struggling in the numbers, innovation continues to drive it forward. With the recent announcement of backwards compatibility on the system, it is already evolving past what we thought it could do. Combine this with the HoloLens and we see a revitalized vision for the console. Currently both innovation and technology are hand-in-hand.

As this evolution continues though, the hardware inside of the Xbox One may not be enough to sustain the ideas that Microsoft has. When this become apparent on a large scale, suddenly the need for an Xbox Two is very apparent. It is more than likely that they are already planning it, but the careful balance between innovation and technology is what will decide how the company moves forward.

If the former exceeds the latter, we'll see the Xbox Two sooner. Phil Spencer isn't ready to just give up, nor is he being unrealistic about what Xbox One can accomplish. Ultimately, he's being realistic and driving his team forward. This points to a possible comeback for the Xbox One and supports our ultimate release date prediction for the Xbox Two.

What do you think though? Will the Xbox 2 be here sooner, or later? Is Project Scorpio the Xbox 2? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below!

Xbox Two Release Date

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We’ll be keeping you up to date with the very latest when it comes to the release date of the Xbox Two so check back frequently to discover any new snippets of information on the rumor mill.

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This is rough news for everyone involves. After deciding that they wanted to "switch focus" Microsoft laid off the entirety of its HoloLens team in Israel. Not only is that harsh, but it raises questions about the HoloLens and whether its future is in jeopardy.

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Robbie Bach, the previous chief of the Xbox division, spoke with GeekWire and made some pretty exciting comments about the Xbox Two and other emerging technologies. You'll want to read this one.

GeekWire's Podcast With Robbie Bach

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The Xbox One is a great console. Microsoft did a lot of things right, yet so did Sony. The biggest advantage for Sony was they mainly focused on the gaming experience. Microsoft, however, felt it would be a good idea to put all of your entertainment into one console. They failed. I personally use the HDMI In port for my 360, so I can play the both without having to switch channels.

Another reason why Sony is dominating Microsoft is because the PlayStation 4 has now power brick, and is thinner and smaller than the Xbox One. Microsoft should at least release a slim version of the Xbox One as they did with the Xbox 360. I would expect the new Xbox, or as many are calling it the Xbox Two or Xbox 720, to be released some time anywhere from 2018-2021. Microsoft should ditch the power brick, or incorporate it into the consle, and make the console smaller. Another thing is the new Xbox One update just rolled out and it's a spoofed up version of Windows 10. They should just start from scratch with a new, cleaner OS.

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The playstation 1 is from 1995 and the Xbox from 2001

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