Xbox Two (Project Scorpio) Specifications - Hard Drive, CPU, Memory

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Xbox Two Specifications

CPU GPU RAM / Memory

Xbox 2 Project Scorpio GPU Perhaps the biggest question when it comes to the Xbox One is what will actually power it. We've had some information made public, and more than a few leaks to go on.

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio. This incredible new console is shaping up to be the Xbox Two we've been waiting for. In terms of CPU/GPU/RAM, this is what we have so far:

  • Support for 4K gaming
  • Six teraflops of processing power
  • 8-core CPU
  • VR compatible

It's not a ton to go on, but during the Giant Bomb E3 2016 show, Phil Spencer said that Project Scorpio will be "four and a half times more powerful than Xbox One."

With Microsoft's experience in the PC industry, and Phil Spencer's assurance that Microsoft is only interested in big leaps forward, this rumor could easily be true.

This comes at the same time that NVIDIA announced their new GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 GPU upgrades which promise more power than their previous TITAN card and a fraction of the price. We're seeing technology leap forward while costs are dropping. Now is the time for new hardware that can be mass produced at a profit for a company like Microsoft.

The biggest focus for Microsoft with Project Scorpio/Xbox 2, seems to be 4K resolution and VR. After all, those are the biggest topics right now in the gaming industry. In the past, Phil Spencer has gone to far as to say that Project Scorpio (Xbox 2) is only for 4K television owners.

Knowing that 4K is such a huge focus, we decided to look closer at the specs and see what Microsoft could do with six teraflops of GPU power. When it comes to 4K simply looking at the teraflops isn't enough, but it is a start, especially given that the Xbox One is only sporting 1.31 teraflops of power. It's certainly a boost.

Other factors like memory bandwidth also come into play when the resolution is pushed to this plateau. Over at Sony, PlayStation's Architect, Mark Cerny, thinks 4K requires at least 8 teraflops of power based on his personal estimates. Shots fired, yes, but consoles have been known to outdo their PC equivalents when it comes to horsepower.

We've seen how this generation has pushed out better and better looking games, despite PC having a clear advantage in hardware. Even so, with only six teraflops of power, I wonder how much better the games will look on Xbox 2. The graphics themselves may remain largely the same, and the power primarily used to reach a higher resolution.

I say this, because PS4 Pro supports 4K, but not the true native resolutions that Microsoft is promising with Project Scorpio (Xbox Two). Instead, the PS4 Pro uses a technique called "Checkerboard Rendering" that rearranges the pixels and achieves resolutions extremely close to 4K through a frame buffer, but it's not quite the true resolution.

If we look at the PS4 Pro, it's using a Polaris GPU and a CPU based on the Zen Architecture coming from AMD in 2017. It's a major upgrade from the Jaguar CPU cores and instead uses the new cores on a 14nm structure. While it was assumed that Xbox 2/Project Scorpio would use a Zen-based semi-custom setup, AMD recently stated in a press conference that these won't be coming until 2018, after the release of Xbox 2.

That leaves Microsoft with the Jaguar/Puma CPU architecture to work with.Thanks to a leaked whitepaper, we now know that to be true. In the whitepaper, Microsoft suggests that developers can utilize Scorpio's power to improve various aspects of their games, but one of these involves interpolating animation.

By suggesting this, we have enough evidence to assume that they are staying with the eight cores they've promise and overclocked speed. This rules out the zen architecture and leaves us with the Jaguar CPU cores.

AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, also said that the manufacturer would be working with both Sony and Microsoft to develop new custom-designed SOCs to be released in 2018. For Scorpio's 6 teraflops, it's safe to say that they won't be using a Polaris 10 GPU as it would need to be highly overclocked to reach this, and Scorpio's pre-rendered shots don't show a heat sink good enough to keep that cool.

In terms of the 4K upgrade, the aforementioned whitepaper also suggests "sparse rendering" which is another name for the PS4 Pro's checkboard rendering. On Xbox Two (Project Scorpio), we could see a more advanced version of this technique as Microsoft's paper already claims to have successfully done it with an unnamed first-party title.

The whitepaper also confirms something new about the new console's RAM. It seems that it will be ditching ESRAM, which is something the Xbox One uses to achieve higher performance with increased bandwidth. While the lack of this high-speed RAM is confirmed in the new console, developers are still told to optimize for it, so their games run properly on both Scorpio and Xbox One.

The paper explains that the higher bandwidth on Xbox 2's memory will outpace the benefits offered by ESRAM, hence their decision to remove it.

What's insane is that we're not the only ones thinking about this. Other game developers are also looking into the future. The talented individuals over at Three Fields Entertainment are developing a game called "Dangerous Golf." It may not sound like much from the title, but the game is utilizing cutting edge physics to create fully destructible environments and incredible moments.

It's no accident that they decided on a physics-based game. The studio, and it's founders, are trying to prepare themselves for the future of gaming. Paul Ross, one of the co-founders, spoke with EDGE magazine and he said quote: "I remember sitting here thinking, OK, what does a PlayStation 5 game look like? What does an Xbox To game look like? And how can we start to build for that future now?"

Ross and his team are thinking about the next generation in terms of physics. They want to build more believable worlds that not only look perfect, but also feel perfect and react realistically to your inputs. We have been able to achieve that yet, but with people like Ross and his team working on it, that future could be coming faster than we think.

There's also the ongoing issue with 4K Blu-Ray support. The Xbox One S has it, but the PS4 Pro does not. This puts Microsoft in an interesting position with Xbox 2/Project Scorpio. During his interview with NZGamer, Phil Spencer said that he hasn't confirmed the existence of a 4K Blu-Ray drive in the Xbox Two.

That being said, he did say that people have responded very well to the Xbox One S and its 4K Blu-Ray drive, which prompted him to mention that they would be interested in continuing to utilize that option. It's no confirmation, but it does suggest Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will use a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive.

  • Optical Drive? You Decide
  • Gamers want a Xbox 2 Disc Drive
  • Storage - Hard Drive

    Xbox One Hard Drive

    We’re used to having masses of storage at our fingertips today, and yet there is a very real possibility that the Xbox Two will actually come equipped with less hard drive space than its predecessor, the Xbox One’s 500GB. Is this because we’ll have found some way to be ultra-efficient with graphics and processing in the future?

    When Microsoft released the Xbox One S, they offered it in a 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB model. In an interview with NZ Gamer, Phil Spencer talked about a similar approach with Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) saying:

    "That said, the opening price point of the Xbox One S, and the different hard drive sizes, that is a critical part of this whole product. When I think it as a product line, you should expect the pricing to kind of be in line with that."

    So it's perfectly reasonable to expect Xbox 2 to come in various hard drive sizes. The question is, how big can we go?

    Another possibility is an emerging hard drive technology called Shingled Magnetic Recording. With this technology, in conjunction with other advancements, we could be seeing hard drives as large as approximately 100 terabytes! That's 10, 200 gigabytes compared to the measly 500 you get with the Xbox One. Of course, games are becoming larger in size too, so will this be enough?

    Microsoft had a desire for the Xbox One to be an always online games console; however the internet technology was not really at the level that could support such a dream. That won’t always be the case however, and as internet technology improves we may well become a world with all of our games, all of our movies, all of our music and basically all of everything stored within the cloud.

    The technology is already coming, and it's called Light Peak. It promises speeds of up to 100 gigabytes per second! If that’s the case, we won’t need a lot of inbuilt hard drive space.

    XBox 2 Controller

    Back when the Xbox One was just a rumor some speculated that it might be the console to do away with the classic controller, instead replacing it with some other device or relying entirely on the Kinect to control our favorite games. Instead, Microsoft launched a new and improved classic controller to go with the Xbox One, with design and functionality very similar to that of the Xbox 360, just slightly tweaked in many different areas to give a better overall feel.

    Xbox Two Specs Controller

    We now know that your controllers and accessories will work on Xbox 2/Project Scorpio. Everything moves forward, but Microsoft never said they won't introduce new options. Much like the Elite Controller, Phil Spencer has likened this new console to the equivalent of an elite controller in terms of it's premium nature.

    Our prediction is that Scorpio/Xbox 2 will at least get its own VR-exclusive controllers.After all, every VR headset has some kind of solution for motion controllers. HTC Vive comes with a pair, Oculus Touch works for the Rift, and Sony has PlayStation Move.

    Microsoft has never done physical motion controllers, they instead opted for the Kinect. Currently, their line of Windows 10 headsets don't need a camera for tracking, but what if the Kinect made a return as a means of tracking movement in VR? It would certainly give Microsoft an edge by offering hands-free virtual reality experiences, but it would need to work far better than the Kinect has worked in the past.

    Even so, it's an idea. Regardless, your controllers will work just fine on this new console.

    The Future Versions of Xbox

    At present it is impossible to say with any certainty exactly what the specifications of a future Xbox will be, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating! Technology is changing so quickly today that the games console of ten years in the future could be a marvel, almost beyond the comprehension of today’s gaming industry. These changes are moving at an accelerated rate. Keep in mind the first Xbox was originally meant to be a console that ran on the Direct X gaming structure, so it was essentially supposed to be a PC in a console. The name came from the fact that it ran on a modified Direct X, therefore Xbox. An interesting story, and a goal that Microsoft has been pursuing slowly but surely with each generation.

    The original Xbox didn't quite hit that PC feel, and the Xbox 360 had a web browser, but again, not the same level of power and quality as PC. Then the Xbox One came around and now the line is blurrier than ever. Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One would soon be running on Direct X 12, and while this won't change the game as much as originally thought, it's still a major step towards a unified PC and console future. Of course, hardware will always be the straw that broke the camel's back. PC rigs continue to outpace the consoles are new video cards, processors, and RAM upgrades become available. So, what does this mean for the Xbox Two?

    Phil Spencer's vision for the future involves a console that can be upgraded. This would completely remove the need for new consoles. When the processor started to become obsolete, Microsoft would just issue another one and you would replace it when you had time. It's not a bad idea, but the concern that comes to mind that is that games would be more complicated like PC.

    No one wants to check their console's specs to make sure it will run a game, that's why we buy consoles. Regardless, when you look at the specifications of the original Xbox compared to the Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 compared to the Xbox One you start to realize just how far games consoles have come in the last couple of decades.

    Microsoft is already moving towards this goal by creating a "unified Windows 10 platform." Xbox One and PC both run on Windows 10 these days, and that's just the beginning. With the implementation of "Play Anywhere" on specific titles, people can already buy a game on Xbox One, and play it on the PC without any problems.

    This represents the first step in Phil Spencer's vision. Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will also continue this by incorporating high-end hardware to support 4K and VR. All of this, and you won't lose out on your games because of compatibility. Everything you have now will work on Xbox Two. That includes controllers and games alike. Likewise, anything new that comes out will work on the older system.

    The only specific things to Xbox 2/Project Scorpio, will be VR titles. Other than that, everything moves back and forth between the two. This creates what Microsoft calls the Xbox Family. The devices all work together and are compatible with one another, thus eliminating the pressure or the hassle of upgrading.

    It's clever, and while Xbox Two is coming in 2017, it won't be the last console from Microsoft.

    What do you the Gamers think?

    Do you have any thoughts about the specification of the Xbox Two? What do you think will power the future of gaming? Will we still play using controllers, or will everything be controlled by motion or voice? If you could change one thing just one thing for the future Xbox 2 what would it be? Have your say in the comments below!

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    shingled magnitic hard drives uses lasers

    hi there shingeled magnitic hard drives uses lasers with peratbytes per second read write speeds or faster then ludicrus speeds in the future

    HDD space.

    100 terabytes does not equal 1 million gigabytes, it equals 102400 gigabytes.

    Good Point :)

    Hey Adiond,

    You're absolutely right! I was never very good at math, lol. Thank you for the correction, it should be fixed in the article.

    - Bradley


    Go's too show you that gaming will never die..keep gaming guys and good luck..


    It would be nice if the controls eventually turned into something like the movie gamer,e except u don't control other people.

    Some worrying concepts

    I could think of anything worse than a console without a controler, imagin it you want to have a long chilled out night on the xbox, but wait im having to jump round my living room.

    Too soon?

    I just recently saved up enough money to buy an Xbox One and now there is another console coming out? I know the Xbone has been out for 3 years now, but it feels like it just came out. I was hoping for a longer time between the consoles so I could have time to enjoy the Xbox One before I have to hear about another console I need to get. Here's to hoping GameStop will give me some good money trading in my console and games

    The concept

    Why, if you're so smart, can't you fix it where we can play co-op on the same console? I do enjoy playing some on line, but it sucks that you're almost making it mandi tory to be on line to play. The 360 was awesome. Put in the disc and in a few seconds you'd be playing the game. Now...I've had to wait until the next day to play a game because of the download time. I hope for quicker download times, all games to be same console co-op enabled, completely backwards compatibile, and less than $599.

    Xbox 2. Gaming in general.

    I think a lot has to do with the generation you come from. Coming from early 80s and loving graphical games like fall out, Witcher, the up coming final fantasy 15 (Played them all) love the mass effect series can't wait to see how part 4 is. I like having the discs. I love having a collection on my gaming entertainment stand. I like controllers. I like solid objects. Cloud storage is great. Being able to download your saved games to another system especially after Xbox one started doing backwards compatible. Sure I love being able to tell Cortana to open apps or to turn my Xbox on and off. But to become completely controller free? I don't think so. A lot of what is coming out is speculation and things that are possible. Microsoft isn't going to say to much. No company will. Not until really close to release. Sony and Microsoft don't want to give up secrets to each other lol. The Wii doesn't matter. It's a family console, not a hard core gaming rig. Still looking to see how the NX is though. A lot of secrets there. Applying for patents on their new designs. Maybe they will do something big and crazy and surprise us all.

    I don't want to lose controllers. VR visors sound like a cool thing if they can do it right. We need a hard drive. Servers break down a lot and we all will get mad if we have to keep waiting for hours to have the servers repaired. Definitely keep the virtual assistant. Being able to just say "hey Cortana, Xbox on" is cool. If possible Digital 3D, that will be seriously awesome thing to do. Like an IMAX 3d movie theatre. Things coming out at you. Have the VR visors activate the 3d. Nice.

    Kinect is still important

    -Needs the Kinect 3
    -TV focused with an HDMI input again for Cable boxes
    -Lock GPU resource at 10% for Kinect
    -Faster Game installs from Disc
    -Cloud processing and always online

    Too soon

    I think 2017 is too soon, there are still a lot of bugs with the Xbox One and the games that work with the Microsoft servers. Lets tale our time with the new console and perhaps take the feedback from the gamers to have less bugs in the gaming servers as well as other features that we liked between each Xbox console.


    I totally agree with EGCM! Everything he said is true! The downloads takes forever!! I hated that! And the price should be at the most is $450! And in my opinion you guys should remake Star Wars! I heard that you have to pay to battle! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! You should make exactly like battlefront ll only better picture, stronger guns, new moves for jedis/siths like push force. I hope you guys take my suggestions! Cuz I'm a huge fan!! Thanks

    Xbox 2

    You should definitely have VR for Xbox 2!!! But you need to leave two choices of whether you want to play with VR or controller!!! Yes VR is awesome but if I'm tired I don't to jump around in my living room! I would want to relax!! But VR is perfect for a party, hangouts, and even if you have to burn energy!!! ;) but definitely have a controller!!! Thanks!!! I hope you take my suggestions!!! Peace out!!!

    About gaming

    Would u be able to play with people who have Xbox one

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