XBox 2 Console and Controller concepts by Darpan Bajaj

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Creative new XBox 2 concept designs by Darpan Bajaj. You may have seen some of his previous designs for the XBox One. For this project Darpan created 3 separate concepts. One design was voted by the fans as the final concept to be designed. Let us know what you envision the XBox 2 will look like in the comments below.

The Future Xbox 2

Xbox 2
XBox 2

Xbox 2 - Floating on Green Background

XBox 2

The Original XBox 2 Sketch Concepts

Xbox 2 Concept

These XBox 2 concept designs were created for us by Darpan Bajaj, a skilled artist from India. View Darpan's portfolio here: Which design do you like most? What do you think the next XBox 2 will look like?

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I don't really like the controller design. I need buttons. It just feels better in my hands.

Xbox 2

I'm a big fan of Xbox. I can't wait for this console to come out. I hope it comes soon!

The Original XBox 2 Sketch Concepts

I don't like the controller design. Keep it the way it is. Need to have buttons. I do like sample #3 for console. Everything else is way to futuristic. Maybe 20 years down the road

Keep up the good work

Darpan dajaj I love ur sample 1 concept very unique, light weighted not to shabby I'm all for this to be Microsoft new Xbox release.

Playing video games

Sample 1 is awesome better than seame 2 and 3.

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