XBox 2 Concepts

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We don't know for certain what the Xbox 2, codenamed Project Scorpio, will look like, but there are those who would dare glimpse into the future. Let's take a look at what imagination, knowledge, and talent have combined to bring us.

XBox 2
Danny Haymond
Fan inspired and chosen design for next generation XBox.
XBox 2 Project Scorpio Concept by Danny Haymond
XBox 2 Console and Controller
David Hansson
The most realistic Xbox 2 design yet!
XBox 2 Concept by David Hansson
XBox 2 Halo Theme
David Hansson
An awesome Halo Theme for the Xbox 2.
XBox 2 Halo Concept by David Hansson
XBox 2 Concept
Kevin Tan
Amazing new XBox 2 concept design
XBox 2 Concept by Kevin Tan
XBox 2 Concept
Kevin Tan
XBox 2 "X" design
XBox 2
XBOX 2 Console & Controller
Darpan Bajaj
Cool new XBox 2 concepts by talented artist Darpan.
XBox 2 Concept by Darpan Bajaj
XBox 2 Controller Concepts
Darpan Bajaj
Cool new XBox 2 controller concepts by talented artist Darpan.
XBox 2 Controller Concepts

Analyzing These Designs

The first new design by Kevin Tan showcases a sleek design that looks reminiscent of the sleek features PlayStation is known for, and the iconic green lighting that Xbox is known for. The silver sheen would do nicely in an entertainment center.

The second design by Kevin Tan here is a compact design shaped like an "X" that uses touch screens and has a nice, open disc drive which collects less dust and ultimately will last longer because it has less moving parts like a standard tray or drive system. If the Xbox 2 is a cloud-based system, this could also be a nice wireless design that you can take with you on the go, or a great way to interface with the HoloLens.

These designs by Darpan Bajaj are amazing examples of how a slim Xbox 2 could look when it releases. With a sleek touch-based power and eject button, it calls to mind the Xbox One but with a fat less bulky design. The controller features a touch-screen. This would be a logical step forward if Microsoft continues to utilize a console instead of a cloud-based option.

Now we come to the controller. This design removes all of the buttons and instead goes for a touch-based solution. This is possible given that the Steam controller has taken a similar approach with successful results and proven that it works accurately. It's hard to say if the Xbox 2 will have a controller like this though, especially given the fact that the HoloLens is such a huge focus for Microsoft.

What do you think of these designs? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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I say you should use Kevin Tans Xbox 2 "X" design and Darpan Bajas controller for Xbox 2.


While the x design looks neat for a handheld deal, it's very wasteful space wise and rather large for a handheld but not large enough for a full powered console.
I realllllly hope we don't go towards a touch screen style controller, it's just an objectively counterproductive idea for gaming, needing to look to see exactly where the buttons are while playing a game isn't good, plus it disallows for the range of button sensitivity we've grown accustomed to and disallows for multiple accurate button presses and extremely limits precise turning(aiming) with no physical joystick.


You should let gamers submit concepts ideas for new xbox 2

We do

Everyone and anyone who creates an Xbox 2 concept is welcome to share it with us. If it is good we will post it on this site.

they problay do

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Will there be some type of virtual reality in the new system

i like bajaj's controller

i like bajaj's controller cuz augmented hololens' means it would be live broadcasted or live feeds via the sleek touch controller i think that's a cool feature


Is it free

New console

When you make a new console make it hack free and so people can't say mean things and can't message mean message to you all anyone else plzzzzzzz do it for the love of console

Xbox 2 system and controller

I like three of the Xbox designs all about the same . First is the Xbox 2 and halo edition, second is the futuristic one by Kevin Tan, and the third is the third console by Darpan Bajaj . As far as the controllers go I think they need to go with the touch screen controllers that way I believe they could make them more durable cause my son dropped one of his Xbox one controllers and got mad and squeezed one and they were both junk now if they make it touchscreen and durable like my phone they would be great plus they wouldn't have any moving parts besides the triggers and could make them waterproof.


I think the controls should be in the same spot, because we as gamers are used to the placement of the originals (xbox 360, xbox one, xbox one s). This way we don't have to look down at the controller to play. I also do not like the idea of touch screen contollers.

Xbox 2

I this any of the designs would be great for the Xbox 2 but when it comes to the controller, buttons for the triggers and combination buttons but touch screen for movement. I feel aiming and movement would be more defined with the touch screen whereas the shooting, special moves and general moves would be better by button so you can be sure you do what your actually pressing for. Not feeling a button means your not 100% going to know what you've pressed for to do.

i really like the x design i

i really like the x design i think that would sell a lot as its unusual and people love unusual but exciting to have and to just test the games on it not only that it would give more space on the shelf.


I like the controller to be the same as they always been because it will be very hard to play with touch screen and it will not help for people with disorders ( like autism, dyslexic, and etc.)

kevin tans xbox 2 x

i do love the look of the console but there is no room for the entire disk to be protected during a game which mean that disks could get severely damaged when spinning in the disk tray other than that i love the concept

Xbox 2 scorpion

Why not try a way you can control your games by voice commands and do the action with wrist controlers

Kevin Tan Consept Design

I really like Kevin Tans consept, it looks really cool with a sleek design and a next gen frame