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Xbox Two Price

How much would you be prepared to pay for the Xbox Two? Prior to the launch of the Xbox One X, people were worried about how much it would be, but the final price isn't so bad. Xbox Series X will launch on November 10th, 2020 alongside the Series S. The Series X will retail for $499 and the Series S will retail for $299. These are about what we expected for pricing, but it's still incredible to see the leap in power for similar prices to last generation's launch.

Xbox Historical Pricing

First things first let’s take a look at the history of the cost of Microsoft consoles:

XBox Price History
Xbox Original $299 - Nov 2001
Xbox 360 $299 -$399 - Nov 2005
Xbox One $499 - Nov 2013
Xbox One S $399 - 2016
XBox 2 (Xbox One X) $599 - $699? 2017 Release Date

Looking at the pattern simplistically, each console has seen a $100 increase, with the Xbox at $299, the Xbox 360 at $399 and the Xbox One at $499. As it turns out, the Xbox One X is coming for $499. Perhaps, though there are other factors to consider.

For one, the Xbox 360 was a console that varied dramatically in price over the years, with higher and lower specification versions released periodically to suit the demands of gamers. With the Xbox One however, Microsoft has gone back to basics with just one price to include everything, including the motion sensing technology, Kinect. It’s possible that future versions or releases of the Xbox One will come with variable price tags, in which case there is a chance that a version of the Xbox Two with less memory or less functionality could come complete with a slightly lower price tag.

Xbox Price

Breaking Down The Evidence So Far

We have official confirmation of the rumored second console from Microsoft! The Xbox Series S will launch alongside the Series X in November of 2020. This alternative model is only going to cost $299 and promises much of the same features as the Series X. We don't have a confirmation on the price of Series X, but Windows Central is reporting that it will be $499.

We will keep this page updated on any official announcements, but it seems we will have our confirmed price very soon for the Series X!

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, sat down with IGN for an hour-long interview that you can watch below if you're so inclined:

In this interview, several conversations came up about Xbox One X. Among them was the continued conversation of pricing. For starters, Phil discussed a pre-E3 show to talk about Scorpio (the code name at the time for Xbox One X), but they haven't decided on that yet. Phil Spencer seemed almost giddy as he said "I can't wait to show people what it looks like."

He used the term "premium" again when describing the design of the console as well. When asked about pricing yet again, his response was this:

"I call it a premium console because I want people to be clear that the customer we're building that for is the premium gaming customer. The person who buys the majority of the games, the person who's playing the most games, spending the most hours, spending the most dollars. It's like our Elite controller. I call that a premium controller."

Phil Spencer continued to try and set expectations during this interview when he said the following:

"I'm not trying to scare anybody on the price. We're going to come out on a price that we think is fair for the product that we build and the customers will tell us as they always do. I call it premium because I don't want people to get confused that somehow Scorpio is the thing that is going to take over the Xbox line."

He even went on to say that "the majority of consoles that we're going to sell are the Xbox One S and I'm very proud of that."

Interesting. So Microsoft doesn't expect people to rush out and buy Xbox One X. They know they're targeting a niche market with this premium console and they've set expectations accordingly. Not only this, but Phil Spencer was careful to describe the console as something that wouldn't take over the Xbox line.

This proves that the Xbox One X is not a next generation console, and therefore, not the Xbox 2 that we're all waiting for. Even so, the price point here at $499 is what Microsoft considers "premium" which is lower than we expected.

The next generation console, Xbox 2, will most likely have a similar "premium" feel and certainly better hardware than Xbox One X has right now. This could result in a higher price point, but Xbox One X has set a standard that is lower than we expected for a premium priced console.

Given this, we could probably see the Xbox Two releasing at $599 or $699, but not more than this. If the Xbox One X were more expensive, we would raise the potential price of the Xbox 2, but Microsoft has showed that they're willing to keep the price in a reasonable range.

New Technologies

Another factor that could dramatically alter how much the Xbox Two launches for is that of the technologies contained within it. Perhaps one of the most influential reasons that the Xbox One’s launch price was higher than that of its rival, the PlayStation 4, is due to the inclusion of the Kinect technology with the sale of every console. Adding in a new technology to the sale is bound to increase the cost per unit, and the same could be true of the Xbox Two.

Since Xbox One X is confirmed to be VR compatible, we now have a few options as to what it could be bundled with:

  • The Oculus Rift (Priced at $600)
  • A headset from the line of announced Windows 10 VR headsets

The reason why we've ruled out the HoloLens is twofold: for starters that headset is augmented reality, not virtual reality. The second piece of evidence is that Microsoft indefinitely delayed the HoloLens earlier in 2016.

Rumors are point more towards the Oculus Rift than the other choices, but with the Rift bundled in, the price will go up significantly. It's more likely that Microsoft will tap into its line of Windows 10 headsets and leverage the partnership they have with one of those manufacturers to make something compatible on Xbox One X.

Once Microsoft get VR into the equation, our hope is that it will catch on like PlayStation VR has done. This would give them a lot of incentive to bring out something epic on Xbox 2 when it releases. An option for the base system, and a system bundled with Microsoft's VR solution could certainly be possible.

This would also give Microsoft the opportunity to widen the profit margin on their next generation system. Customers who purchase console and VR bundles will be investing a significantly larger amount than those who are just buying the console.

Assuming that VR catches on, there will most certainly be a market for people who want the option on their next generation console. Also, while Xbox One X probably won't be getting HoloLens, that's doesn't mean that Xbox 2 will have to pass as well.

By the time this next generation console releases, Microsoft will most likely be on their way to finishing up the HoloLens and releasing it to the public. It's already been shown to have some gaming potential beyond its other uses, so this isn't outside the realm of possibility, and again, offers the chance for Microsoft to bundle the two devices together.


We mentioned inflation in passing but it is a very real consideration when thinking about the cost of future games consoles. Take a walk around a supermarket one week to another and it’s easy to spot that in general the cost of living is increasing. In general this isn’t too much of a problem, as salaries tend to rise with the cost of living. In 1990 for example, the average salary in the US was just $438 a year, compared to around $50,000 today.

There is a very real chance that these increasing figures could impact the cost of the next Xbox games console, especially considering the unpredictable financial world in which we find ourselves living. Even with a low inflation rate of just 2% for the next ten years would see an item that did cost $499, now cost $599.

Signs of Rain: The Possibility of a Cloud-Based System

The cloud was something Microsoft talked about a lot prior to the release of Xbox One, but lately we've only heard about it here and there. Part of that comes from the push back on an always-online console, but this could be the secret sauce Microsoft can use to really push Scorpio to the limit.

The only news we've had of Microsoft's plans for the cloud, comes from talk of Xbox-exclusive Crackdown 3, which is set to use the power of the cloud in multiplayer. They want fully destructible city environments in the game, with no compromises.

That's just not possible with the processing power of one Xbox console. Instead, they use the cloud with some impressive results. According to Dave Jones, creative director on the game, they are using the cloud to pull some serious power in their pursuit of total destruction.

We're hitting about nine times the power of the Xbox One here in this demo, due to the way the guys are playing. I think 13 times is our record, though. You can really raze the entire city if you want to."

What does this mean for the price? Not much right now, but it does show how the power could be leveraged in the future. Perhaps Microsoft held back on some of the hardware with this in mind? This would bring down the cost of the system, and further reinforces our $599 price point.

What do you think? Have we underestimated? Overestimated? How much would you be prepared to pay for the Xbox Two?

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x box two

x box two cost 600-700 A+++++

XBox 2

I think $400 is a great start price, but the top should be $500 because I am 13 and I have to buy my own games and consols. It would be to high to ask more than $500. Sorry if I spelled words wrong. Hope you read my comment!

Well if you think about the

Well if you think about the cost of just the graphic processors and everything that goes into the 4k resolution to be ran at 60 hz your going to have to pay if you want quality

XB2 will kickass!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the Xbox Two to come out. I have a feeling the price will run no higher than $549.99. If this console comes out, then the Xbox series from Microsoft will kickass just like it did with the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Windows 10

I think it will be an Windows 10 box.

Xbox two

Who cares how much it cost put as much money in it to make it a high end console. I am a gamer i like graphics and i really like gaming console with high end graphics. A mac book cost 1000 and a tv cost 2000 and xbox two cost 4000.

Good Point

Maybe yours can cost $2000-$3000 then. Just because PCs cost that much doesn't mean the game console should. It is limited in comparison in regards to capabilities, upgradability, and use. Logic like yours is how price over-inflation is justified.

xbox name

well depending on what they decide to call it is their choice.
But I think they should it something cooler,like xbox infanate
considering that it looks so different and nicer, it should have
a new name.

Xbox 2

How popular will it be? And is it worth buying xbox one in the mean time?

Can you wait say....

Can you wait say.....somewhere around ten years?

Xbox 2

I think it shouldn't be no higher than $600 cause when it comes out a lot of gamers are teens and they'll be older maybe even in college, and it'll be hard to find that money.

Xbox 2 Theories

Umm I thought It would be like $600 (U.K £500) at the release date and I thought the release date would be 2017-2018, NOT 2020, because Nintendo releases their consoles (1 Year - 6 Months) before Sony and Microsoft's Consoles, and Nintendo's console, 'Nintendo NX' is released in 2016 (most likely), Such as the the Wii U, which was released in 2012, and PS4 and the Xbox one Were released in 2013, now I don't know much about Xbox because I don't own any of the Microsoft Consoles, only a Microsoft laptop, but I have played on an Xbox 360 and they're a lot like a PS3, but in this case, Sony are making something completely different so don't expect the PS VR (PS5) to be released in 2017-2018, that's the Xbox 2 release date, don't estimate it anywhere near the PS VR release date, because that's something much more bigger, harder to create, more powerful and more.

release date

xbox one revolution is gone why not move on and bring out the awesome xbox 2


I don't really like the idea of just a tiny receiver, I still prefer having a console. Also, having a Windows 10 gaming console or "receiver" would probably be the worst thing ever


599-699 you people don't know this but not every one has that much money you know that right im not a person with that much money please you have to change the price at least 400 I can get the xbox 2 for that much money

Xbox 2 price and name

I think the price of the Xbox 2 should be around $450-500 because lots of kids want to be able to buy one. I have to spend my own money and I'm only 11 years old so I would want a reasonable price for it. Plus I think the console should have a cooler name than just plain old Xbox 2. It should have a name like The Xbox Infinite.

Highest specs cost most money

Master chief. Your right tech only code money nothing free. That's what PS3 lunch day price was thank god it was not on is. $1,800 moon $24,009 mars. $777,777,77 halo ring infinity cost you don't how economics works

xbox 2 *must read*

The idea of the xbox 2 sparked me until i found out that that it came out in 2020-2022 WHICH IS SOOOO ANNOYING coz I'm just 10 and I'm a massive xbox follower. One thing I would love if they brought out is if you could play online minecaft on normal live I know this is embarasissing to admit but I'm still on a xbox 360! Me and my dad have been thinking of getting the one s so do you think it would be worth getting the s to have wi'll we wait for the x2? like i can't save a fund of at tops $650 in four years! if you end up reading thx! and thx for helping me website!!!!!

XBOX 2-crazy price but high tech.

For an Xbox which is 600 dollars plus, There better be some really IMPORTANT Stuff that actually matters. Like who cares how fancy it is? Nobody! We just want to keep up with this ever changing world and have a modern gaming system. I'm ten and I really have an Xbox and have done a lot of research on it, and don't think this is a great buying choice for kids and teens. Unless your a tech geek or have a money tree, I don't believe it's worth it.

Xbox 2

is there going to be a elite controller for the xbox 2
because i have the one for the xbox one and it was $150 when i got it but it really loved it but to be honest it was not worth the money
i hope theres one coming for the xbox 2

XBOX Scorpio

First things first, I'm Not Buying an XBOX 2 unless it Have 15 Terabytes, 5 terra at 1 terabyte Per MicroSost Exclusive Studio!
Secondly, I'm Going to Wait for a Standing XBOX because I hate Seeing Wires and having the Console like a Brick in Front of my TV.
Third, they not only Need Blue Tooth Conneced Headsets, and Nothing but a Power Corde but a Way to Stream 4K without the Cordes and Wires as Well

I would go As Far as 800 if These Specs are met

Xbox two price

I hope it comes out in 2018 so I can get the money together cause I'm 12


I have a 360, the reason i have not upgraded yet is simply because a new console along with all the games and accessories is a small fortune to most people. I think a price point over 399 is going to turn people away. I KNOW i wouldn't buy one at a price point of 5 or $600. It's just too much. Any marketing person would tell you that places like Wal-Mart, which run whole lines of Xbox merch, are going to have a hard time selling a single mom or even a family with two kids a $600 console + games, and accessories. Just a thought.


May you please tell what the price is because if it over 1000$ nobody is going to buy the Xbox 2 .I not even tell what the new controller going to look like because ya keep changing the controllers.Even the ps5 website look better than this and the ps5 will 3 years later than the xbox2.

Add new comment | XBox 2

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It should be between 400-600


This isn't a console for 10 year olds. This is for adults that can afford it. I make enough that I could work for two days and buy this. Tough to be poor. Lol. Get off your ass and get a job.


And so begins the ending of consoles.

Make this Console open Xbox grand play.

Make this Console play all Xbox games. from original xbox console.and Xbox 360 console and the Xbox one console Games. And plus I think ,they should create a Xbox Emulater Store. that hold more games from the past. you see Xbox and PlayStation are great. Consoles but the thing is how Quick you can Come out with me there so many Games that have been made in history.from the early 70's to Now. what xBox need to Do is. Gaming is what it is.people love titles. Making New titles is great. but remember alot of games from the Past.that have die out ,great game titles.remake more past titles ,even better then they were in the day.and another is make more game Play. for Some games I see now. back in the days they had more game play and great side scroll. and now games are short.its like they put more in to grafics. then game play. I can remember Nes'Sega master ,Super NES,Sega Genesis, Turbo grafic's,3do,Neo Geo, Atari and so Many more. plus don't for get all of the Arcade games that were made. you can get more of the titles and make them games over and better.then they ever were back then. And I am not talking about Street fight are them titles every body know. but the rare titles. Look up your history on many more games .and your Console will past with flying Colors.with the price and the Xbox Fan love.because your Store is OK, but as the same as PlayStation your not making thing worth wild.thats why you need to make a real emulator can call it the Past X future Emulator. Thats pXf and plus the more rare titles. you really have people will just love it.there are some rare titles in your store good. but it's much more then you think.

Microsoft and console gaming

Xbox 360 was and remains the best of console from Microsoft, X One has not added up to the PlayStation 4 yet, and the drop in prices prove that, also the push on release is just another indication. Who really cares when it comes out, they better get the priorities straight. Console gaming is great, game consoles are for Gaming make it do just that, and do it best, don't drown out potential by making a game console something it was never meant to be i.e the one box living room. I have a 360 and a PS4, I usually wait at least two years after release of next gen's to buy so I know who's the market best and all bugs are essentially eliminated.

backwards and forwards compatability

Did I read this right. My Xbox one will be able to play xbox two Scorpio games? I am not liking the thought of the Xbox one becoming outdated honestly. I hope if I did read that wrong that xbox continues to release games on Xbox one as well like they did with the xbox 360 when the Xbox one came out.

Price vs. Tech

I would just like to open this by saying, the technology is there. The graphic outputs plus the speeds that it can run on are amazing in theory. Now the price. No I wouldn't give more than 600-650 for the console. I don't see how any normal household family would.

type o

"In 1990 for example, the average salary in the US was just $438 a year, compared to around $50,000 today." I would assume the author meant $43,800/year.

Anyway, at a minimum price of $500 (before sales tax) just for the console that's 1% of the average annual income (pre tax). That's just the console, buy some games, an extra controller, Live subscription, game add-ons and accessories you're looking at double. Now we're at 2% of the average income; to be at the forefront of technology. Still need a TV and internet. We pay a lot for electronic entertainment these days. I know nobody wants to hear this but, remember when you would spend all day outside and not spend a dime?

master chief scoipo price tag

master chief says $600 too $1,000 for technologies specs needs be hybrid drive or 7,200 rpm drive how powerful scorpio / XB2 no gamer buy 5,400 non hybrid or 7,200 rpm drive put a velociraptor 10,000 rpm or cheta 15,000 rpm drive only $100 extra cost worth


i am shocked yall are doing this keep up the good work but make the prices a little lower.

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Salary Per Year

You wrote "Inflation

We mentioned inflation in passing but it is a very real consideration when thinking about the cost of future games consoles. Take a walk around a supermarket one week to another and it’s easy to spot that in general the cost of living is increasing. In general this isn’t too much of a problem, as salaries tend to rise with the cost of living. In 1990 for example, the average salary in the US was just $438 a year, compared to around $50,000 today.".

How did people in 1990 live off of $438.00 a year and now they live off of $50,000.00 a year? What?

Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) Price Guide

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So with the outrageous price of $600 for the console, does that mean that the games will be $70 or higher?

xbox 2

why don't you sell the console for a reasonable price, and make the games cost a little more, because you sell a lot more games than consoles, and some PlayStation players might switch over to Xbox

Xbox II

From a business stand point you should make the system cheaper then $500 or even $400. You lower the price on the system so everyone can afford it then you raise the price on the games, accessories and so fort. Because games and accessories can be mass produced on a high level for a fairly cheap price. Therefore it wont hurt the company's capital. Every one can play and get a taste and Microsoft can make a nice profit.