Xbox 2 Console

XBox 2 Console and Controller concepts by Darpan Bajaj

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Creative new XBox 2 concept designs by Darpan Bajaj. You may have seen some of his previous designs for the XBox One. For this project Darpan created 3 separate concepts. One design was voted by the fans as the final concept to be designed. Let us know what you envision the XBox 2 will look like in the comments below.


Xbox Two Console

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Just as the Xbox One was an enormous leap forward in technology when directly compared to the Xbox 360, we expect the Xbox Two to be a game-changer when it comes to console technology. At this early stage there is no information to draw upon from Microsoft as to what innards the console might boast, but that doesn’t stop us making predictions as to what we expect the Xbox Two to be like.


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