Xbox Two Games

Game Developers Already Planning For Xbox Two?

Submitted by yeldarb89 on

The biggest leap from Xbox One to Xbox Two, it seems, is not going to be graphics. Game developers are already planning ahead to the next generation and the big quantum leap is set to be in the physics department. Yeah, I know, physics aren't very exciting, but hear me out. Up until now we've been focused on making our worlds look real, and we've made major strides in that regard. The thing we've been missing out on, though, is realistic physics that make the world feel real as well.


Xbox 2 Games

Submitted by Nanouk on

XBox 2 GamesGames are the lifeblood of a console, I think that's something we can all agree upon. Without the games, consoles would be nothing more than glorified Roku boxes, and that's one world I don't want to live in. Luckily, Microsoft has recommitted to games on the Xbox One after a few missteps into other categories like music, movies, and so on. Yes, those things are nice, but we still want a game console.


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