Microsoft May Unveil Xbox Anaconda and Lockhart at E3 2019 With Halo Infinite as a Launch Title

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Xbox 2 reveal E3 2019

We’ve heard rumors for some time now that the new Xbox will come in two formats, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart. One will be more powerful than the other, similar to the differences between the X and S. The latest rumors point to an official reveal at E3 2019.

Furthermore, rumors say that Halo Infinite, revealed at E3 2018, will be a launch title for the new systems. Despite this, it will still allegedly launch on Xbox One as well. If this is true, everything is pointing to an official launch by the end of 2020. Let’s dive in and see if these rumors hold water.

Xbox 2 Reveal Coming This Year?

These new rumors come from Thurott. According to them, the Project Scarlett family of devices (Anaconda and Lockhart) will be revealed at E3 2019, with a release date before the end of 2020.

They also claimed that this would be followed by an announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. We’ve already see the two companies cooperate in cross-platform multiplayer, and the announcement of Xbox Live features coming to Nintendo Switch. This could lead to Game Pass being available on the Switch via streaming through Microsoft’s xCloud service.

The rumors also extend to Halo Infinite, announced originally at E3 2018. Apparently, this title will be available on Xbox One, but will also be a launch title for the next generation systems. It’s possible that we may hear about pricing, but with the rumored launch not coming until fall of 2020, they may just tease the console and leave it at that.

With Sony pulling out of E3 in 2019, this is Microsoft’s time to shine. Are you ready for the next generation of consoles? Let us know in the comments!



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