All The Announcements From Microsoft’s First Xbox 20/20 Event

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Xbox 20/20

After much hype, Microsoft debuted some of our first real looks at next generation titles for Xbox Series X in their May Xbox 20/20 event. While there was less actual gameplay than people expected, I for one am very excited about some of the experiences coming down the pipeline.

Let’s discuss the highs, the lows, and the angry tweets in between!

All The Major Highlights From Microsoft’s May 2020 Event

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the things we see here are in-progress and running in-engine for the most part, but they’re not final. So, it’s possible that things could change.

That being said, these should be pretty close to what we can expect from next generation graphics in terms of third-party studios. It’s pretty impressive, even if it’s not technically “gameplay.”

While we’re on that subject, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this event. There are plenty of people out there who are angrily tweeting about how they didn’t get any actual gameplay, and I get it. Microsoft did hype this up a little too much and set the stakes a little too high, but I still feel like this was a victory overall. It certainly wasn’t as dry as Mark Cerny’s PS5 specs stream.

Alright, let’s get into it:

Bright Memory Infinite

The opening trailer here is no doubt running on equivalent PC hardware, but it looks pretty awesome in motion! The agile movement, the grappling hook, and the speed of the gameplay are all right up my alley. Oh, and did I mention this was made primarily by one person? Definitely one to keep your eye on.

Codemasters Unveils Dirt 5

Fans of the Dirt series should be happy to know that Dirt 5 is coming to the next generation! You’ll even have the choice between 4K and 60fps, or 1080p and 120fps. Fancy! I, for one, noticed a lot of improvement in the environments and the uh, dirt itself.

Scorn Gives Me Serious Prometheus Vibes
Scorn was announced as a console exclusive for Xbox Series X, along with a very creepy trailer. You don't see visuals like this very often (and that’s a compliment). The final game will be a first-person horror title and available on Game Pass when it releases.

Chorus Takes Flight
Chorus looks to be a sci-fi title with some horror vibes and space flight gameplay. The story seems intriguing, and the actual gameplay concepts are quite different than anything else announced today. I’m totally in for when it releases in 2021.

Madden 21 Offers a Free Upgrade
Madden 21, as you probably expected, is coming to Xbox Series X, but what you may not have expected is that Xbox One owners get the upgrade for free. Are you feeling okay, EA? This is not like you at all…

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 Has me Ready to Join The Cause
This trailer immediately grabbed my attention with its super creepy vibes. I was convinced it was some kind of serial killer simulator until someone bit somebody else. I’m always down for vampires, and the pedigree on this series means we’re in for a treat!

Call of The Sea is One I Want to Answer
This one has amazing color and style. Top that off with an intriguing mystery and some good old fashioned first-person exploration, and you’ve got my attention.

The Ascent isn’t Afraid to Show Gameplay
This next one showed what looked to be gameplay itself as it’s a co-op isometric shooter that has a stylish cyberpunk setting and some political overtones that should be present in any sci-fi worth its salt.

The Medium Proves There More Layers to Fear
Bloober team has delivered some of the best horror this generation. The Layers of Fear games, Observer, it’s all good. Their next project, The Medium, lets you play as a woman who can see the spirit world and is haunted by one specific memory. Tack on the fact that the composer from Silent Hill 2 is doing the music and I am so ready to be terrified.

Scarlet Nexus Should Scratch That RPG Itch
Bandai Namco’s next anime-style RPG looks to be a digital delight and features psionic warriors. All I know is that RPGs in the next generation are going to be amazing, so bring them on!

Second Extinction Makes Me Want Next-Gen Turok
From the team that brought you Just Cause comes a co-op shooter where dinosaurs are the enemy of choice. Looks solid, but we’ll need to see more before I decide if it’s Left 4 Dead with dinosaurs or not.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Brings The Series to Next-Gen
The Yakuza series is one that I’m slowly working my way through, but this new one just looks completely bonkers. Happy to see it coming west, and very excited to see how it plays on next generation hardware!

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Left Me Wanting More
I was hoping for a quick demo of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla like you would see at an E3 conference, but alas, this was one of those “running in-engine” trailers. Did it look amazing? Absolutely! The director of the title went on to mention things like dual wielding, a raiding mechanic, and of course, the confirmation of Smart Delivery so you can buy it on Xbox One and get the Series X version without paying again.

What Did You Think?

So, I know it wasn’t as much gameplay as we were led to believe, but you have to admit that the concepts for next-gen games prove gaming has plenty of life left in it! Tell us what you thought of these reveals in the comments!