Xbox One S Coming This Year, Project Scorpio in Holiday 2017

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XBox One Two

E3 2016 has arrived and with it, many of our predictions have come true! The Xbox One S is real, and Phil Spencer also confirmed that Microsoft is creating a new console called Project Scorpio, which is promised to be "the most powerful console ever," releasing in holiday 2017.

Is Project Scorpio the Xbox 2? Read on to learn more about these huge announcements!

Xbox One Slim Confirmed

XBox One Slim

Here are the specs on this version of the Xbox One:

  • 40% smaller than the original Xbox One
  • Support for 4K video
  • HDR gaming support
  • Up to 2TB sized hard drive
  • Redesigned controller with textured grips

Project Scorpio Confirmed

A new and powerful console known officially as Project Scorpio, was announced by Microsoft at E3 2016. It has a release date of holiday 2017. It promises to be the "most powerful console to date" and it's supposed to support all the previous Xbox One games.

Phil Spencer said that no gamer gets left behind with this new future, but details are still sparse on how games will release for both the new console and the older ones. He did also mention that it would be compatible with VR, but which headset they didn't say.

  • Holiday 2017 release date
  • More powerful GPU
  • Support for full 4K gaming
  • Six Teraflops of processing power
  • 8-core CPU
  • Capable of supporting VR

After the big bomb dropped at E3, Phil Spencer appeared on Giant Bomb's E3 Show. During the show he elaborated on Project Scorpio saying:

"Scorpio is more powerful than the original Xbox One, four and a half times. And the six teraflops will impact the games and how they play."

He went on to say that if you don't have a 4K TV, you should buy an Xbox One S because Scorpio is designed to be used as a 4K console. If you don't have a compatible television, you're not going to see the differences.

Phil was questioned on Twitter about this, asking if the 4K would be mandatory, or if developers could instead use 1080p and shoot for upgraded visuals. His response was vague, but in essence he said that 4K won't be required, and that ultimately the creators will have full access to the power of the box.

It's not confirmed yet, but if games will have to run across all three platforms, this could put a damper on the ability for developers to truly utilize the system's power.

Interesting developments indeed. There's also rumors that Microsoft is trying to form a partnership with Oculus Rift in time for the announcement of what is currently known as Project Scorpio.

Project Helix: Microsoft's Plan For the Future Revealed

The two new consoles Microsoft is planning are part of a grand plan known internally as Project Helix. The concept behind Helix is to bring Xbox and Windows together into a unified platform, something we've heard Phil Spencer talk about before.

This is already in the works as titles like Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves are being released simultaneously on Xbox One and PC. Another recent example of this initiative was when Quantum Break buyers on Xbox One received a PC copy free of charge.

Another part of Helix is moving forward with more iterations of hardware and consoles. Much like smartphones, Microsoft is planning on releasing new hardware more consistently, as opposed to the five-year cycles we're used to seeing. Here's how Phil Spencer described this future back in March of 2016:

"I look at the ecosystem that a console sits in and I think that it should have the capability of more iteration on hardware capability. What I'm saying is as hardware innovations happen we want to be able to embrace those in the console space, and make those available and maybe not have to wait seven or eight years for things to happen."

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced a "Play Anywhere" program which will allow you to not only purchase the game once to play on PC and console, but you can also take your progress, achievements and everything else back and forth across each platform.

The program represents Microsoft's commitment to unifying both Windows and Xbox, and it looks like they're going all in with that endeavor.

Looks like our predictions were pretty close! Be sure to leave a comment as well with your thoughts on these developments.

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