Microsoft Trademarks New Xbox Series X Logo

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Xbox Series X Logo

While a console's logo is an important part of marketing for the system, we've mostly seen pretty standard logos in the last few generations. The PS5's logo, for example, is pretty much the same with a 5 on the end instead of a 4. Well, as you can see by the header image, Microsoft may be going a different direction with the next generation.

Let's dive into this logo and how it surfaced, to see if this could indeed be the new design!

A Drastic Change For The Xbox One Series X Logo?

Looking back on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One logos, Microsoft kept things pretty similar the last few generations. You can see a look at the Xbox One logo for comparison below:

Xbox Series X Logo

Now, thanks to a Reddit post we now know that Microsoft has filed for a trademark that showcases a fairly different logo in the next generation.

It's interesting that there's no mention of Xbox in the logo, just "Series" and the giant X. This could be for the purpose of keeping the logo minimalist, or it could also point towards variations of the logo that highlight other models. For example, if there was a another model of the system like a Series Y or Series Z, then they could easily swap out the X without changing the logo too much.

In either case, it's an interesting change, and one that leaves behind the neon green typically reserved for Xbox logos. They could change the logo more before launch, but what do you think of this redesign? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X Logo