XBox 2 Console and Controller concepts by Darpan Bajaj

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Creative new XBox 2 concept designs by Darpan Bajaj. You may have seen some of his previous designs for the XBox One. For this project Darpan created 3 separate concepts. One design was voted by the fans as the final concept to be designed. Let us know what you envision the XBox 2 will look like in the comments below.

The Future Xbox 2

Xbox 2
XBox 2

Xbox 2 - Floating on Green Background

XBox 2

The Original XBox 2 Sketch Concepts

Xbox 2 Concept

These XBox 2 concept designs were created for us by Darpan Bajaj, a skilled artist from India. View Darpan's portfolio here: Which design do you like most? What do you think the next XBox 2 will look like?

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I don't really like the controller design. I need buttons. It just feels better in my hands.

Xbox 2

I'm a big fan of Xbox. I can't wait for this console to come out. I hope it comes soon!

The Original XBox 2 Sketch Concepts

I don't like the controller design. Keep it the way it is. Need to have buttons. I do like sample #3 for console. Everything else is way to futuristic. Maybe 20 years down the road

Keep up the good work

Darpan dajaj I love ur sample 1 concept very unique, light weighted not to shabby I'm all for this to be Microsoft new Xbox release.

Playing video games

Sample 1 is awesome better than seame 2 and 3.

I love the design

Keep up the good work loge the controller the bottom got to go y'all will definitely put PS4 out of business and Ps5 let see can y'all make this happen

Love these designs

Thanks for all the great Xbox 2 designs guys!


Needs buttons. Ever try to play an emulator on your phone? It's almost impossible. You NEED BUTTONS. Absolutely clueless design...