XBox2 Countdown Timer

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Display the XBox 2 Release Date Countdown on your page! Follow the instructions below. When the release date is updated it will automatically update on your website as well. Copy and paste the below code into the HTML of your webpage and you're done.

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<iframe src="" width="402" height="84" style="border:none; margin:0;padding:0;"></iframe>Check out the <a href="" style="color:#999">XBox 2 Release Date</a> - <a href="" style="color:#999">Concepts</a>, <a href="" style="color:#999">System Specs</a>, <a href="" style="color:#999">Price</a>, plus news.

Check out the XBox 2 Release Date - Concepts, System Specs, Price, plus news.

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I can hardly wait!

Same Here

Me too! They are going to put so much work into this, it will be freeking amazing. I can't wait!

English and math

whyyy this years choose 2017 or 2020?


it feels like a millennium

Xbox Two

Hope it plays all Xbox games!!!

all game and other

Add game original Xbox,Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You try beat playstation 4,5,Wii U and Nintendo NX. You need try create mario other game Xbox game. I love Xbox everything work system and contoller. Please create Xbox keep all year alway alive. I hate Playstation 4,5,wii U and Nintendo NX is bad machine system, something wrong and not work right disc. You soon any year Xbox Two. I love Xbox One and Xbox 360 still alive all year.


Could I put the countdown timer onto instagram?

Xbox 2

where will you go buy the controller or will it come with the console and how much will it be?


I hope it is bc like ps5 going to be i am so excited i ham getting both ps5 and xbox two

Xbox two

Cool awesome Xbox two

Old console

Do you think we should trade in the Xbox one consoles now to collect Bengamins for the hollidays?